Dravidian Christianity

The connecting link between Vedic Religion and Hinduism.A traversal through the Sanghakaala Literature...

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This study stems from the reluctance shown by prejudiced historians in unraveling the reason for the fundamental shift in India's cultural and religious philosophical vision from the late years of 1st century A.D. through the Gupta Period till 7th Century A.D.

The early centuries of A.D. is noted as the Golden Period of mutual trade between India & The Roman Empire.The basic texts of the great Hindu Religion are the products of the emendation which resulted from the advent of Christian Philosophy during this period and its subsequent blending with the Dravidian Culture.

The logic of dating back these literary works by centuries and placing them before Buddhism and Jainism,tumbles down miserably when struck upon by the single truth that Sanskrit language itself originated centuries later.It is interesting to note that the inscriptions of Ashoka(B.C. 268-233) though written in languages like Greek,Aramaic,Kharoshti and Brahmi do not have even a single inscription written in Sanskrit.The primitive form of Sanskrit first appears in the inscriptions of Girnar(AD-150) by Rudradaman - the Shakya King of Gujarat.

All the basic text of Hindu religion are in Naagiri script.There is not a single historian who doubts the fact that Naagiri originated after 5th century A.D. .An unbiased historian will admit that the early centuries of A.D witnessed a paradigm shift from the Vedic concepts of the nomadic Aryas related to the Gods - Indra,Mithra,Varuna,Rudra & Agni, which resulted in the birth of the renowned philosophical vision-Hinduism.

This change emerged from the union with Christian thoughts which had arrived in India during this time.It is hard to miss the fact that this period also saw atheistic religions- Buddhism,Jainism being driven towards the Theocentric beliefs.

My thesis aims at substantiating the above mentioned facts by traversing through the literary works of the Sanghakala Culture which prevailed in Southern India during the early centuries of A.D.


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