Dravidian Christianity

The connecting link between Vedic Religion and Hinduism.A traversal through the Sanghakaala Literature...

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This blog intends to unfold before you a fact.

A fact so profound that even centuries of denial and deception cannot with-hold its radiance...

Its time to know our past,for the sake of our future!

Dravidian Christianity is the connecting link between Vedic Religion and Hinduism.

Matheva(Mahadeva) was the centre of worship among the dravidian christians.Mahadeva(Siva = Eternal) was the supreme God from the age of Indus Valley Civilization.When Christianiy was introduced in India Mahadeva occupied the status of 'Holy Father' in the Christian Theological Concept of 'Holy Trinity'.

Matheva's son Vinnu(Vaan,Vishnnu) incarnates as Christ the Messiah.Supiramaniyan(Subrahmanyan) means the holy incarnated one.The incarnated Isa is the 'Thira'(Light) of the world.The old dravidian ritual-arts 'Theyyam,Thira,Thottam' mean 'God,Light,Worship'.Holy Spirit, the third entity in Trinity is described in Sangham Literature as 'Neerthar' (Star of Divine Grace) , 'Thrianavu' (Fire Tongue).

The following thesis reveals that the Dravidian Christianity(Chamayam,Marckam) was subjected to break up into different groups which paved the way for the development of Vedic religion into modern Hinduism.

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